Monday, August 1, 2016

Visiting photographer at the Flat

John, up close and personal

Lucille, Jack, Rico and Rosie in the front, kids in back
Unfortunate crappy weather for the 2 days that Sarah, her friend Casey, her daughter Claire and friend Brooke were here at Lester's Flat for a visit. Sarah still managed to take some great photos of our pigs and goats, brave Casey drinking the milk after milking Lucille, and the 2 young ladies at the Fly Creek Cider Mill (Claire's favorite place up here).

The Husband and I have many fond memories of Claire and Ella (her younger sister) coming up to visit, and even staying with us for a week or so in their younger days. Older and wiser for sure, but Claire at least is still recognizable as one of those silly children. I hope that she approves of this photo that I took of the 2 of them back in 2011. She was not especially fond of the videos I showed her from way back then.
Sarah's friend Casey wanted to milk the goats
AND drink the milk

Brooke and Claire at the Cider Mill

Ella and Claire at Lester's Flat

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