Saturday, August 6, 2016

New kids in town

Joseph's Saanen girls, not named yet

The stud man, David Bowie
John and Mary loving the mud on a hot day

Mary being silly

Our Greek friend Joseph decided that he wanted 2 young female goats to hook up with the master stud, David Bowie. Not exactly sure how long they are going to stay, and the others are not quite their best friends yet, but they are fitting in just fine. They came (by way of someone else) from the same woman who sold us our first goats, the Saanens Lucille, Jack and Helen.

He bought them and will pay us for keeping them. He is a bit difficult to understand—I thought we were getting 2 males that he wanted for meat—but I think he is paying us in hay and whatever else we want in cash. Since he does not live here year-round, I am not sure what happens in the spring when they have kids. Are we still keeping them?

Either way, the goat herd just keeps expanding.

We don't have that problem with pigs. They stay with us just long enough.

Right now they are still in the adorable stage—the stage where we could take pictures every day and each one would be more adorable than the next. Now that the visiting photographer is gone, Tim has taken up the job. He took all of these photos.

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