Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Power fail

We had some bad weather on Saturday—the usual wind and rain of a summer storm—but there were a few minutes of strong wind and teeming rain that were just enough to knock out power all over the county. The power went out about 6 pm on Saturday and didn't come back until 10 pm on Sunday. We have Otsego Electric Co-op, but NYSEG people were out as well.

Our water comes from a well, so that means no water either. No power to run the pump. Still debating whether we should cave and buy that generator we were supposed to put in when we built the house. Money was short so that didn't happen.

Lucky me was home alone with all the critters. The Husband was visiting family in Salamanca, NY. (Happy 94th Birthday, Uncle Bud!) I had a rough time entertaining myself, even during the day when it was light enough. A nice vacation from all of the normal chores perhaps—washing dishes, vacuuming, doing laundry—but not being able to wash my hands after feeding pigs and chickens, not taking a shower, that part was not so much fun.

My biggest concern was for the food in the 2 refrigerators and especially all of the pork in the big freezer. I was able to use some frozen bags of whey to keep the fridge food cold, and not opening the big chest freezer was good enough to keep everything frozen for the 28 hours we were out. I'll have to remember that for next time. I am sure there will be a next time, although this is the first bad outage in 6 years, 11 if you count our time in the trailer.

So no pics from the blackout, but instead a nice portrait of the WoodMan doing his favorite thing—sitting in the backyard sunning himself. To me it looks like he's looking for all of his friends to show up. Always my handsome poser.

Those pots on the table are cilantro and basil, the big one on the chair is rosemary, and the one you can't see behind the table is thyme. They didn't mind the storm at all, but my little baby redbud tree inside the fence did lose a few branches...

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