Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sleeping boys, and that's a good thing!

Not often that all 3 settle down together, and really not often that MonkeyCat is allowed to rest on top of a dog. The WoodMan must have been very tired.

I was on the sofa with Woody, when Monkey climbed up and found himself a spot. He was kind enough to stay there while I got up to get the camera.

Poor WillyCat is still more comfortable upstairs, away from the mouths of monsters. Monkey doesn't seem to mind having his head chewed on by monsters, although he must have minded a bit last week because I think it was he who scratched a chunk of skin off the Cyrus face, right below his eye.

The curtains have calmed things down a bit in the evenings. The deer, the rabbits, the groundhogs—harder to spot them with curtains in the windows.

No progress on the crate training of Cyrus though. The only ones who sleep in the crate are the other 2 boys (Monkey is in there sunning himself right now). They find it very comfortable, unlike Cyrus who has scarred up his nose from all the frantic barking while I am walking Woody. I thought he would have figured it out by now...

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