Thursday, October 6, 2016

Beautiful Fall Day

It has been a comfortable Fall so far, warm during the day and only a few nights where I was inspired to fire up the woodstove. The leaves are just beginning to change color, so it should be a nice time for Sue and Joe to come up for a visit for the weekend. I hope to get some good leafy color photos as soon as we hit peak color.

Don and I were up on the hill today surveying the leafy landscape with the dogs. We had another discussion about Woody's history, and whether or not he is a purebred coonhound. I did yet another Google search and came up with a photo of Woody's twin sister, Anna. Except for having a few pounds on the WoodMan, I think it would be hard to tell them apart.

Perhaps you can tell the difference because Woody would not sit so calmly with a live racoon on the sofa.

Anna is a purebred Bluetick Coonhound, so I am thinking he is too. When we got him from the Burlington County Animal Alliance (who had gotten him from a shelter in Virginia) they were guessing either Bluetick or English Coonhound.

I have always wondered what he looked like as a pup, and this last photo is a purebred English Bluetick Coonhound.

Guess that all were correct in their guesses...

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