Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fall color and some frost

The bright blue sky really shows off some of the color on the mountain behind the boys. (Still have to find out the name of that mountain...) Panther Mountain, across the street behind the horse farm, has better color, but I can't get the boys to pose so nicely on the edge of the State highway.

It is interesting how some trees turn at different times, not based on type of tree so much as location and reaction to the sun and wind. The redbud tree behind Woody and most of the other trees on our lower level have not really turned color yet. The sugar maples we planted a few years ago are just starting to get red.

I also love the way that the sun and shadows make a clear dividing line between frost and no frost. While the sun is shining, the grass is still green and the leaves are still on the trees, frost just looks out of place.

And the final photo shows that the boys can actually respect the sofa (compared to the previous post). This is their usual routine, at least in the morning. Cyrus, ever watchful for deer or other moving objects which need to be barked at, Woody only reacting when Cyrus barks, sometimes not even then.

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