Tuesday, November 1, 2016

New car, (almost) new house

Poor little Kia got all frosty this morning before I could get a good picture of it. I think it looks pretty smart parked in front of our pretty smart house, don't you? (The creepy black shadows on it are just a leftover from Halloween.)

Call it an early Christmas present... I was kind of surprised that The Husband decided it was time to trade in his favorite little red Civic for a new Kia Soul+, you know the one that comes with the dancing hamsters? https://youtu.be/knvnX3RDVwM

Unfortunately they were not included, but I think they should have given us one of the cardboard cut-outs that they have at the dealer to make up for the fact that they didn't want our precious Civic as a trade-in. We should have no trouble selling it, especially since we have a captive audience with the bridge construction still going on just at the end of our driveway. They are supposed to be finishing up the paving this week, and probably will be out soon after, so The Little Red Civic That Could needs to get decked out with For Sale signs but quick.

Distracted from my rocking chair painting/caning project so 1 rocking chair still missing from the porch. And you can see that now all of the fall color is gone and most of the leaves as well. This is just the beginning of the brown season...more frost and other white stuff to follow, I am very sure.

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