Friday, November 25, 2016

Not ever easy...

Two new vehicles in the driveway and I still don't get to drive one to work!

To all the folks I work with who have been giving me a hard time (you know who you are!)—this isn't easy you know. Nothing is ever easy.

We picked up the Tacoma on Wednesday. They had trouble changing over our insurance on the day before Thanksgiving when people tend to leave work early, or not come in at all. They finally succeeded in tracking down our agent and getting the Tacoma insured, only to find out that they hadn't finished the rust-proofing. Probably would not have even mentioned it if The Husband didn't ask.

Come on guys! I was supposed to pick up the pick-up on Monday. You had 2 extra days to get everything in order. You could have at least called, or told me when I called in the morning before we left.

So today they drive an hour to bring us a loaner to replace the Tacoma while they take it back to finish the rust-proofing. They are supposed to return
it this afternoon. We'll see...

We went through the same nonsense when we bought the Kia. "We couldn't track down your insurance agent on Saturday, so you can't get the car until Monday...bla bla bla...

Monkey and Willie are not amused. Me either.

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