Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Flowers and bugs, no chicks

Buffy hen hatched the 2 chicks last week, and had 19 eggs left. After 21 days of just sitting there, she is either bored, or maybe she knows the rest are not fertilized. Either way she seems to have given up the egg-sitting. Now there are only 8 eggs. She broke the rest and ate them (from what I could see it was just egg). Today I put the crate on the floor and let her and chicks out to wander. It has been warm enough that if there are still any upcoming chicks, they might hatch without her help.

My irises are blooming like crazy this year! Last year I lost a few stalks to the painter who was doing the trim on the porch. This year I have 4 good stalks all blooming at the same time. Yellowy green flowers in the front are Lady's Mantle, an heirloom plant from The Farmer's Museum.

Next is some pretty purple dame's rocket. It looks like tall phlox but with only 4 petals. It is an invasive weed in the mustard family that still looks awfully nice in the back 40.

And some really adorable violas the church ladies gave me for Mother's Day. My favorite color combination!

Last but not least, the biggest moth I have ever seen was fluttering around the front porch lamp on Monday night. Google tells me it is a Polyphemous Silk Moth. I can tell you it was YUGE!

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