Sunday, June 25, 2017

Fewer goats :) Fewer chickens :(

HRH Sir David Bowie

Lucille, Bowie, and Jack, the only poser
We sold 9 goats this past week leaving us with 5 adults, 4 yearlings, and 2 kids. It is much calmer in the goat pen now. We still have David Bowie up for sale, but are asking a high price for his royal purebred highness, so we don't actually expect to sell him. Mr. Handsome will probably be the big man on campus for at least another year.

Little ones getting big feathers
The one remaining doeling and the 2 Saanen yearlings belong to Joseph, our steady egg-buying customer and lover of all things goat, so we cannot sell them. The other kid still here is the amazing Roger Ramjet who survived a very rough beginning of his short life. He spent some quality time in our bathtub, made a couple expensive trips to the vet, and then stayed for a few months with our friend the goat lady who did an excellent job of nursing him back to health. He is a trooper, and a keeper, but tough to catch in a photo because he stays right by my side.

We were not so lucky with our chickens this past week. Something broke through our not-too-sturdy wire fence and reached through the very sturdy wire dog crate to kill 3 of the 10 teenage chickens we raised here. The remaining 7 were trapped in the crate with the carnage of their siblings until morning when The Husband came out to find them. He took pictures. I won't share them.

The good news is that the 2 little chicks that Buffy Mama hatched are still alive and well and thriving. They are already getting their big chick feathers. Looks like neither actually came from a Buffy Mama egg.

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