Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Johnny Cash and the goat drama

I don't expect The Husband will allow this pic of him to stay here for long, so I am distracting him with the title of a goat drama. Captain Greg took us on a wine cruise on Canadarago Lake last night. Absolutely perfect weather for an evening on the lake. Much fun was had by all.

As I mentioned in the last post we are selling off some goats to make room for more. We did sell His Royal Goatness, Sir David Bowie, on Saturday morning to a nice gentleman with a nice farm in Jefferson, NY.

No sooner did Bowie leave the premises in the back of a 1984 Toyota pick-up, than we were off to Norway, NY (just north of Poland) to pick up this little Alpine who has just a hint of Nubian in him. He doesn't quite have the "airplane ears" that our Nubian crosses have, but they certainly aren't normal goat ears!

It took a while to come up with a name for the new big man. We tested out Stanislaus, Martin, Bart...but Man in Black, Johnny Cash it is. He has started to settle in, less crying than the past few days, outside lying down with Roger and unnamed doeling when I came back from the PO today.

The drama has to do with the selling of the other goats. Bowie was easy. Beatrice and one doeling went to a great home in Mt Upton. Charlotte, who purchased them, sent a friend Adam to pick up the other 2 doelings the next day. All good.

The 5 bucklings were all going to Greek Joseph last week, but one of them escaped and somehow ended up in the barn across the busy road. ! Joseph went home to the city and called us to retrieve him, on a Tuesday when we were both at work. ! We did it only because we felt bad for the woman who owns the barn where little one was wreaking havoc. ! Her husband was out of town, she had pneumonia, and she was helping to birth some little lambs in addition to all of her other farm chores. ! (2 little ones just born in the last photo) Joseph was supposed to pick up errant boy on Saturday, but he's still here. 

More goat drama, more goats leaving, but not worth the telling...

When all is said and done we expect to have 9 goats: Lucille, Rosie, Blossom and Rita (the girls); Jack, Rico, Roger and Johnny Cash (the boys); and Joseph's little doeling who still needs a name. She will be the only remaining offspring of David Bowie so we can't give her up!


  1. Melisa Pardee7/9/17, 9:32 AM

    Johnny Cash...I love it!

    1. Had a tough time coming up with a good name. The Man in Black was the winner for this little man in black! :)