Friday, July 28, 2017

The two best behaved dogs ever?

You would think looking at this photo from last year that I had 2 well behaved children. In reality, not so much.
Big hurt foot! Bandage not working too well...

The WoodMan, hound boy on the left, is now sporting a nice big scar on his right paw from a misadventure in the woods back in June. I have no clue what he got into (snapping turtle? trap? glass in the creek?) I just know that I heard him yelp and then bark at whatever it was before he came limping back home. I think I have finally fixed the fence in the back to keep him from escaping, only time will tell.

Big Roo with a couple of his lady friends
And just when he finally appears to be a good boy running loose up at Don's house, he comes up with a new game: bring back really smelly dead stuff after rolling in it. Or bring back not so smelly dead stuff and then eat it.

That's my boy.

Cyrus, big black dog on the right, has pretty much stopped his messing in the house after 2-and-a-half years with us. I say pretty much because there is still an occasional got-too-excited-about-something precious pee, but the one issue we can not seem to correct is the getting too excited about things. He still wakes me almost every morning when he sees a deer, or a groundhog, or a cute little bunny, or any other living creature within view of our many windows.

He hasn't killed any chickens lately, but only because he is limited to leash walking down here. Although we seem to be making progress with the "No chickens" command, I bet that if that leash wasn't on he would murder all of them.

That's my boy.

Not much to report on the rest of the "farm animals" other than that it is a relief to only have 9 goats, instead of 20, and that 26 chickens are no more trouble than just a few. One of the teenagers is definitely a rooster—just in the last few days working out his cock-a-doodle-doo—and one of the 2 chicks is probably a rooster as well. While 4 roosters is not the preferred number, as long as they can get along with Big Roo, they get to stay here at Lester's Flat.

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