Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Truck Pull, Found Cousins, and Goat Friday part 2

Always fun to be invited to the Schuyler Lake Truck Pull. Great place to see neighbors, and even sometimes relatives. It takes weeks of preparation, lots of money and lots of hard work to prepare for this event, which benefits the Schuyler Lake Fire Department. At least we have finally seen some sunny weather, and a large crowd showed up to watch.

But seriously folks, what is the big draw? The noise started at 7 am, and they are still going strong out there at 3:30 pm. There are different classes to compete in, big trucks, not so big trucks, diesel, not diesel—ALL very noisy and spewing exhaust while they pull a weighted platform as far as possible. Just a good reason to sit around and chew the fat and wash it down with beer... I guess...

As for the relatives: Hub's Cousin Chris was at the last one we attended, didn't see him this time. And some of my cousins from NJ were there this morning before we showed up. We just found each other on facebook about a year ago when I saw a pic of Debbie on a paddle board on Canadarago Lake. there aren't 2 Canadarago Lakes in the world... What a coincidence!

Got to hang out with them lakeside yesterday. Nice to see them all again!

And finally:

Goat Friday - Chapter 2
In spite of flash flood warnings and lousy weather in general, Goat Lady Karen and I made the trip to Boonville to sell our goats. Karen did extremely well with navigating truck and trailer that she was not sure how to back up. Luckily we didn't have to.

First pic is Rika and Zena in the new barn with new friends (who you can't really see in the foreground). Second pic is a close-up of my girls looking confused as to what just happened. "Our whole world has just changed! Is this a good thing?"

Once they get over the shock of being taken from Lester's Flat, their kids, and the goats they know well, I think they will adjust well to their new life with Judy, the new Goat Lady, and the new goats they don't know well at all. Her barn is certainly more serious than ours, and eventually they will have a whole pasture full of weeds to tackle, as soon as she can finish the fencing.

Good luck, my good girls. We miss you!

And the ending of Goat Friday was a trip for little Roger to get banded. Hub had to make the trip without me, I didn't get back from Boonville in time... Darn!

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