Friday, July 14, 2017

Goat Friday

Chapter 1
The beginning of Goat Friday is going smoothly. We are selling 2 more goats, Joseph's Rika and Zena. That will leave us with 5 females and 4 males, and we will sell no more until next year.

The Husband and I just dropped off the girls at our friend Karen's house. She is the Goat Lady who sold us Lucille, Helen and Jack, our first goats. Rika and Zena will stay in her trailer until she loads the 11 goats she is selling to Judy, a woman who is starting a goat dairy in Boonville, NY.

We expect to leave around noon with all 13 towed in the trailer behind Karen's pick-up. Thankfully none will be making this 1-and-a-half hour trip in the back of the Kia, which is how they made their way to Karen's.

When we get back from Boonville, we will take Roger Ramjet to our other Goat Lady friend, June, to be castrated (poor guy!). Believe it or not, not an awful procedure, but I won't share the details. That is the only way we can keep him, and as I mentioned before, he is definitely a keeper!

The eagle was spotted on the way to Karen's, and on the way back when Hub took these photos. I am thinking this is a good omen for Goat Friday.

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