Sunday, August 6, 2017

Upstate visitors: family and famous

Our beautiful niece Claire was spotted photo-bombing Jeffrey Toobin. Well, actually, I used her to hide the fact that I was taking a photo of Mr. Toobin. Claire's mom Sarah, Sarah's dad Brian (The Husband's brother) and Brian's wife Eve were all up to visit from NJ. We had a lovely dinner at the Blue Mingo, otherwise known as the Spider Mingo from the last time Claire was there with her sister and was forced to sit on the deck, which had a large variety of spiders hanging from the ceiling. Claire was quite happy to be outside, under the umbrella, even though we had a bit of rain out there by the lake. No spiders. Just ducks.

Claire and Sarah headed back to NJ today, but B&E were lucky to join us at Fly Fest this afternoon, where we had the pleasure of seeing several performers, including Aztec Two Step, a group that everyone but Evie remembers from the 70s. Excellent performance.

Thanks go out to Bruce and Sue for putting on a great show every year! Hoping that this is the last Fly Fest at Cornfield Hall, but not the last Fly Fest!

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