Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Up on the hill

I frequently take the boys up on the hill for a run at Don's house. He is far enough from the road and from our chickens that I don't have to worry about the dogs getting into trouble. Of course they still do...

Since B&E are still here on their visit from NJ, E&I went together today. Mr P&B (his brother) had my car so we had to try to fit the dogs in the too small back of the truck. Cyrus sat in Evie's lap for the short ride, Woody barked like he always does in the back.

Clouds made it not quite as hot, few raindrops here and there, but otherwise much fun was had by all. Until I realized that I lost the truck key out of the hole in my back pocket. Retraced my steps around Don's long trail through the woods/weeds, and found it on my second go-round. Duh! Don't put keys in holey pocket...lesson learned...

Bandit (Don's dog) on the left, Cyrus all black and hard to see on the right, Woody all white in the background waiting for me to let him in Don's house to lick the chicken-cooking bowl.

That's my boy!

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