Thursday, June 25, 2009


Today I found out that I might actually have a DSL hook-up from Verizon starting on June 29. I have only been trying since November! Verizon beats me up at every turn...but I'm fighting back, and winning. Just tell me why I have to send back the modem that I have had for the last month, so that they can write me up a new order and send me a new modem, the same one, in 3 to 5 business days if I am lucky?

Last night I finished my driveway layout and site plan for the house and garage. The husband approves, the architect approves, now I just have to get the builder and his excavator to agree that this is better than what is already staked out on the site. (Sophie, in the photo, gives her paws-up on the old layout.)

And I have a "Dwelling Fire Application" to fill out in order to get some insurance on the new house and The Dump. Since we went with a home equity loan instead of the ridiculously complicated and expensive construction loan, I figured it might benefit us to insure the house while it was being built. As for insuring The Dump...who would've thought anybody wanted to insure that? They insisted!

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