Saturday, September 11, 2010

A perfectly loverly day

Goodies from the farmers' market and Anna
Porcupine quill: the one that got away
Can't beat the view from the porch
Sun and warmer temps are back, making this one of the nicest days since I came up this time. I took a little trip to the Cooperstown Farmer's Market for some of my favorite Painted Goat chevre. I also picked up some organic baby yellow carrots, an onion, and some luscious-looking grapes.

After the market, I ran some errands, including taking The Husband's chainsaw to Stu for sharpening, and recycling some egg boxes by giving them back to Anna at the junk store, my best supplier of fresh eggs. Congratulations to Stu for his recent nuptials on August 28, my parents' anniversary!

Lester and Sophie took me for 2 walks today, one to the creek, and one to The Dump. They willingly returned from The Dump, but were enjoying life too much to pay any attention to me calling them back from the creek. Sophie was the first to return, and PokerFace brought up the rear...eventually. I am happy to report that most of the pokers appear to have left his face. I even found a loose one resting on top of his nose yesterday. (see second pic)

I finished We Were the Mulvaneys, by Joyce Carol Oates, and am about halfway through John Updike's S.

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