Thursday, September 9, 2010

Summer to fall in one fell swoop

The first pic is of Lester from last week (pre-porcupine) trying to stay cool on the slate floor in the living room. I think it was in the low 90s last week, and it's barely 60° here today. I even put the heat on and had some hot tea while I was working this afternoon.

Lester's poor face seems better, mostly, except for the one (or more) quills that must be stuck inside his nostril. He keeps trying to sneeze them out. Overall though, he is back to normal. He is downstairs demanding his 5 p.m. feeding at 4:50 p.m.

The other 2 shots are from a sunnier day than today, when it was still appropriate end-of-summer weather. The Husband picked a good day to drive back to NJ. He wants to catch one last bluegrass night by the river (Holmesburg Jam) before making the final move up here.

Jesse the Electrician was here yesterday working in the garage. I was hoping to see him back today, but I guess that won't happen since I hear the 5 o'clock whistle going off.

And Jim the Builder seems to have abandoned us altogether—the only obvious missing part being the garage doors. I am sure he will use the age-old excuse "but my wife is having our child and I've been very busy." Yeah sure, Jim, like we haven't heard that one before!

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