Monday, September 27, 2010

Cloudy day on Canadarago

Sorry to have been neglecting my blog lately...running around like a chicken with no head.

Here's a pretty photo from out on the lake yesterday with cousins Chris and Greg. I promise to post more when I get back from a trip to the Price Chopper.

Well so much for posting more after the is Tuesday evening that I am updating this...

As cloudy as it is in this photo, it actually turned out to be pretty nice just after that. On the party boat with Chris, we hung out just long enough for Greg to catch up to us on the Reef Shark. We hung out a bit too long actually, and just made it home in time to feed the dogs and make a spinach salad for the house concert we were attending at 6. It was a pretty good deal: bring something (the spinach salad) for the pot luck dinner, and stay for the concert for free. The best part was actually getting to meet some new locals and other north country folks. We were invited after attending a Joe Crookston concert at the little white church in Schuyler Lake on Sunday night. (excellent brownies at the church concert!)
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