Friday, October 1, 2010

Red Sunset Maples, and a great sunset to show them off

Again, I have been busy (actually working) and haven't had much time to post. We had a "showing" of the NJ house again today, and I hope one of these showings will finally bring me a buyer. The running back and forth between states and houses is getting tiresome.

We bought 3 new trees last week, red maples (Red Sunset). You can see them on either side of the driveway in the second photo. They were delivered today, and conveniently dropped off the truck right near the holes that The Husband dug for them.  We figure it might be useful to point out the direction of the long driveway when it is covered in snow...

After about 24 hours of solid heavy rain, the creek has been running ragged. The horse field across the street looked like a lake this morning. But this evening, post-storm, provided a fantastic sunset, with the most perfect light to show off the new trees and our new house.
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