Thursday, October 28, 2010

Let's all be lazy...but Lester

The cats spend most of their time either sleeping or watching the birds at the birdfeeders. The dogs spend most of their time sleeping, chasing critters on the back forty, or eating dead stuff. The Deer Diner is closed for the season, nothing left but bones, so they have to search for more presents from the coyotes, or whatever it is that is on the prowl out there.

Jane and I missed our walk yesterday, so we are going to try for today. Earlier this week we took her beagles, Murphy and Ridley for a wander up Van Court Road. Today we will take Lester and Sophie down Tunnicliff Road and maybe stop at the Post Office to pick up my mail.

When I get back, I have to get more serious about hunting for work. I have finished up all of the loose ends on the jobs I was working on: AMH, MEOC, and RE. None of them seem to have anything else coming my way, and it's about time I started some serious job-hunting in the North Country anyway. I have to do something to hold up my end, now that The Husband is back to the daily grind.

Our newly finished house is holding up well to all the weather has to bring. Radiant floor heat and spray foam insulation make this house warm and toasty all the time. I started up the woodstove a few times just to make sure it was working (and because I am a real firebug) but even though it was cold enough outside and the heat was not on inside, the stove made it so warm that I had to crack open a few windows. I imagine that when the winter winds start to blow, that will be a welcome warmth.

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