Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall is for the birds

The big news is that we are calling the house DONE! Yesterday Chris the Garage Door Guy came out and installed the new doors. Even though there are a few minor details to finish inside the house, and a few bills to be paid to Jim the Builder, we're calling it done as of October 26!

Other news: the house in NJ is listed with a new realtor. We shall see if his more aggressive marketing techniques truly increase the interest in our cool old house. It would be nice to finally make the move and bring all of our furniture up here. As it is, I can only bring what will fit in the CR-V.

Mid-October in NY and the fall color is pretty much gone, we are down to a brown-olive-gold color scheme. Even though the weather is still on the warm side, it seems that the only trees that still have leaves are the apples and willows.

Adding 2 birdfeeders to the apple tree out back here has definitely made bird-watching more fun. My David Sibley bird book has been useful in identifying the Eastern PhoebeSlate-colored JuncoDowny Woodpecker, nuthatches, and several varieties of finches and sparrows. In the spring there were Baltimore Orioles, a Great Blue Heron, maybe a Green Heron, maybe a Golden Eagle and a little blue bird yet to be identified.

In NJ, the evil squirrels made feeding the birds near impossible. We did see goldfinches, chickadees, cardinals, blue jays, purple finches, far too many starlings and house sparrows, and a Carolina Wren for the first time a few weeks ago. But NJ has a greater population of hawks and eagles than up here. I have seen a bald eagle at least 4 times in NJ, one flying just above the roof of my house.

Since The Husband has been working during the week, my friend Jane and I have started up a walking routine. We'll see if we can continue it through the winter...the winter that everyone has warned us about!
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