Monday, November 1, 2010

Burning down the house...not really.

This photo of the woodstove is from October 10, the first time I fired it up. Yes I know you're not supposed to store the logs on top...I was just getting ready to load them when The Husband took this photo. We also moved the church pew when it felt warm from being too close.

The first and second time were not a problem, but the third and fourth smoked up the whole house and set off the smoke alarms (which totally freaked out Sophie and the cats, Lester was not concerned at all). When I first had the smoke problem, it was minor and I only had kindling in the stove. Yesterday, after hearing from the place where I bought it that it might be a drafting issue, I had the whole thing loaded up but good! Had to close up the stove and open every window in the house before we could get the smoke alarms to stop yelling at us (FIRE...FIRE...FIRE!)

The best answer would be that our flue is blocked somehow (bird's nest?) and the chimney sweeps will solve the problem this week. But if that, or some sort of installation snafu is not the problem, I fear we will be headed down some road I don't want to take (like my house is too tight).

Needless to say I won't be using my Harman Oakwood until this issue is resolved.

The second photo is one of those pretty pics (of my favorite view) that I never had the chance to post. It is from Labor Day weekend, otherwise known as the Day of the Porcupine.
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