Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rainy days bring pretty skies

I ran out just before 5 p.m. to pick up my fresh turkey from Mary's Pantry. It didn't actually come from there, but the nice lady who raises the turkeys in Mohawk was kind enough to drop it off so close to me on her way to Cooperstown.

The Husband's family (mother Rita, brother Brian and his wife Eve) are coming north to spend Thanksgiving with us. We are going to the Otesaga in Cooperstown for our Turkey Day meal, a tradition that The Hub and I began when we first started coming up here. There was no oven in The Dump, so I wasn't able to do my own turkey before; and the Otesaga Hotel has a wonderful afternoon buffet that costs only about $30 for every kind of wonderful food you could imagine, including the obvious turkey and stuffing. Since there is so much there to eat besides turkey, and since we are big lovers of Turkey Day leftovers, I decided to cook a turkey with all the good stuff on Friday.

It was close to 60° here today, and nice and sunny just long enough to lose Lester on the property again this afternoon. So nice he came back soaking wet after a dip in the creek (I guess). Early in the afternoon, sunny skies quickly traded for black clouds and a torrential downpour. The good thing about bad weather up here, is that it almost always makes for a perfect sunset. Getting much colder tomorrow, just in time for our visitors.

Check out my new house looking purty for Thanksgiving...and please take notice of the extended chimney flue with its new hat!
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