Monday, November 15, 2010

Mass transportation and a warm but wintery fall

The Husband is away in Pittsburgh on his first business trip. What HE is going to miss about NJ, is that we were close to everything involving mass transportation. Up here, it is actually faster to drive 7 or more hours to Pittsburgh than to take a flight from either Albany or Syracuse, neither of which have direct flights.

From our house in NJ, we were no more than 20 minutes to the airport in Philly, and only a 10-minute walk to a light rail train that could take you to Philadelphia and Amtrak south, or Trenton and trains north. I still find it interesting that we are now in NY state, and it takes 4 or 5 hours to drive to NYC, but from southern NJ, I could walk to the train and it would take only 2.5 hours to get there.

Fall is looking like winter up here (not a leaf left on the trees) although the temps are still in the 50s. Lester has created his own walking trail—he loses me every time we go out. He reappears from the front of the property, usually coming down the driveway from the road, even though I lost him way in the back by the creek.

And the creek has been running wild, even though we have not had all that much rain since I have been up here. Wherever the creek begins, they must be getting more—global warming and all that. It is more difficult to cross the creek and get to the back of the property, but I do like the sound of running water. It is calming and helps me get to sleep at long as the howling coyotes don't drown it out...
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