Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wow! A working woodstove!

Lester says: "See that big hunk of black metal in the background? Mom finally figured out how to use it without burning down the house."

When in doubt, trust the chimney sweep to come up with a solution to my smoking stove problem. Actually, he and Jim the Engineer came up with the same solution—raise the flue a foot higher than it was, and add a special down-draft-preventing chimney cap. Cost us $250, and now we have a $150 barely used cap that we don't need, but the problem appears to be solved, and rather inexpensively, considering the other options.

Since our last propane bill (for 2 months) was almost $350, even with our tight house, it will be interesting to see how much we can cut down propane usage by trying to heat with the woodstove. Mac and Jane kindly gave us a large supply of nicely dried hardwood for our help (mostly The Husband's help) in cutting, splitting and stacking the wood from their property.

So, now we are ready for winter in the North Country. I am already thinking of ways that I might be able to cook on top of the stove. Pizza on the pizza stone is sounding like a plan, scrambled eggs, pancakes...give me some time and I'll come up with more...
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  1. hey try selling that chimney cap on craigslist- and that galvanizied tub looks familiar----- : )
    glad you're settled in- does this mean you're gone for good?
    happy thanksgiving- talk to you soon-

  2. Working on the craigslist ad today, already thought about that. And yes, perhaps you recognized the tub? Thought that would be a good way to put it to use. Not gone for good, but we will be here for Thanksgiving. I'll give you a call next time I come home (probably before Christmas).