Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rain and sleet, minus the pretty skies

I was going to go back to NJ today, but the weather forecast was a bit scary. Not only do I have my own driving conditions to be concerned with, but when I take the CR-V, The Husband is stuck with the little Civic to navigate those deer-populated country roads in the dark on his way home from work. I am glad that I was warned, because it is grey and windy and nasty, and now the rain has turned to sleet. The wind was so strong earlier, that it blew my wooden rocking chair right off the front porch, crunching a pumpkin on the way down. Maybe this is a message from Mother Nature that fall is ending, winter on the way.

I took the trusty old Civic to the Cooperstown Library today, to resolve a little problem I had: I am reading While I Was Gone, by Sue Miller. I pulled it from The Hub's extensive home library, and was happily making my way through when I found page 109 was missing, and page 111 as well! Definitely takes the fun out of reading a book, when I just get into it and have to put the brakes on! Thankfully the lovely lady in the library came to my rescue and held it for me for pick-up. She even offered to read those few pages to me over the phone, and I almost took her up on it just because I thought it was such a sweet thing to do.

Then I had a nice chat with Beth, in Cooperstown Wine, and found out that she is a member of Cherry Valley Artworks. She is into theater arts, but said that some other members are graphic artists. I certainly need to do some networking up here if I am going to increase my freelance work. I spent a few hours this morning signing up to, hoping to do just that, so this was a well-timed conversation. One way or the other, I need to get busy and make some money so I can go Christmas shopping!
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