Thursday, December 9, 2010

We love the new house...and the snow...that's OK too

Our Christmas cards are off to the printer and should be done by next week.

I picked up a job today from my friend ME—a big, very-detailed job she didn't have time for, but one that is perfect for this mostly out-of-work graphic artist in upstate NY. I need this job as a good excuse to sit inside all day with the woodstove fired up, and look out on all the pretty snowy pictures framed by all the pretty triple-paned windows, and not feel guilty for sending The Husband out to support us.

The snow finally stopped falling and things are back to normal. I hope Mr. Kelley the Snow Blower is catching up on his sleep.

Lester and Sophie and I took a nice walk through the snow, and for once, Lester pretty much stayed with us. It is harder for him with his old hips to make it through the snow when it is this deep. Thankfully that keeps him closer, or at least it makes him easier to find. We'll test out that theory again tomorrow...
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