Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Did everyone have a nice Christmas?

Even all you snow bunnies in NJ and PA? And you thought we were the ones getting all the winter weather...HA! Jersey Girl (first photo) doesn't seem to mind the snow at all!

Santa was good to KatyD and The Hub, and even Dave made out pretty well...he took over my new sweater as his own comfy new bed (next photo).

Friends Jane and Mac brought some festive drinks—prosecco and St. Germain, with an orange twist of course—for a little pre-Christmas-dinner celebration. Everyone seemed pleased with their meal, and Jane presented me with a beautiful painting she did of an owl on a branch in a windy landscape. With her permission, I may take a photo and add it to the blog for everyone to appreciate.

Then, on Sunday, we met yet another of The Husband's cousins (there are 9 of them, 8 brothers and 1 sister). Kevin and his wife Sharon, daughter Charly, and son Rory came all the way from North Palm Beach to find out what a White Christmas is all about. Since Kevin grew up here, he was anxious to show the kids all the fun things there are to do in the snow.

We are still figuring out what, if anything, we want to do for New Year's Eve. It's not one of our favorite holidays, but if one of our favorite restaurants (the Rose and Kettle in Cherry Valley) is open for dinner, we may go, just because.
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  1. Hey! That's me up there!!! Look at that!!!

  2. Now that you know she loves the snow...you'll have to bring her up here to play with the big boys and girls!