Friday, December 24, 2010

Have yourself a Merry Christmas Eve!

This morning, I searched for an open garage to get a headlight in the CR-V replaced for The Husband. But hey, guess what? they're all closed for the holiday, Baby! It is only the unlucky bankers (and maybe a few others) who don't get a day off when Christmas falls on a Saturday. Then I went back to the Price Chopper again (they're working too!) for a few last things for Christmas dinner (arugula, avocado, pecans, goat cheese and fresh ginger). I decided to make gingerbread for dessert tomorrow, and I am using a Nigella Lawson recipe from that calls for fresh rather than powdered ginger. I have made it in the past, and it is fabulous!

Otherwise just cleaning house and tending the woodstove to get ready for tomorrow's festivities.

To all of you: Have a very warm and wonderful holiday from KatyDaly, The Husband, Lester, Sophie, Dave and Will!

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