Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We all worship the working woodstove

Now that Caleb the Chimney Sweep extended our chimney and gave it a new hat, the stove seems to be working properly. The last time we set off the smoke alarm was Thanksgiving, and that was probably just from the paint still curing on the stove and flue. We have made it through several very windy days, and so far, no more down-drafting.

So now that that seems to be working, our brand new Baxi boiler froze up instead (actually it was the regulator on the propane tanks that froze). Temps overnight were in single digits, so when we woke up to a very chilly house last Friday morning, we were grateful for the woodstove's low-tech heat. And when Suburban Propane came out to diagnose the problem, the $350 bill for refilling the tanks reminded me that we need to fire up that stove more regularly. Since we only paid with Tim's labor for the wood, let's use that propane as infrequently as possible.

Dogs and cats (and humans) do appreciate the radiant floor heat though—it is pleasant to walk on warm floors—but all 4 kids also love the warmth of the woodstove, and spend all of their time in the living room when it is working. Will, the B&W kitty, likes to sprawl on the floor so close to the stove, that I am waiting for him to singe his whiskers. These photos don't show how close he usually is.

Still working on decorating the house for its first Christmas. Those photos are coming next.
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