Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Back in the nick of time

I drove in from NJ last night, just in time to catch the snow. The driving wasn't really treacherous until I got  off the highway to Rte 205—one of those poorly lit country roads with snow blowing so hard you can't find the road, much less determine whether you're on your side of it when traffic is approaching.

It has been snowing steadily since sometime yesterday, coming down even harder this afternoon. Of course that didn't stop the Big Bad Lester from disappearing in the back forty. At least he had a good run out there after being stuck in the house all day yesterday while The Hub was at work.

We are realizing the benefit of having signed on for Mr. Kelley's seasonal snowblowing of our long driveway, rather than paying him $60 per event. He's already been out twice that I know of...before the sun comes up he's out there blowing it all away.

And I am realizing the benefit of having some better photos to take for our yearly Christmas cards. Snow makes our pretty house so much more festive!
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