Monday, June 27, 2011

The Big Move and catching up

The renters are moving into our NJ house on Wednesday. After disappearing from Lester's Flat several weeks ago, I have been packing up and cleaning up everything at my favorite old house. It took about as long as I expected (weeks), but it feels great to be rid of the "un-necessities", and it feels even better to finally have all of our stuff up here. I suspect it will take me months, rather than weeks, to sort through it all at this end.

The move went well, with relatively minor complications at both ends. It was stinky hot and humid in NJ and difficult to get motivated to sort through and pack stuff, even with air conditioning, especially in the attic. The pick-up schedule was changed several times, but the end result was that I was blessed with 2 extra days of packing. They packed the truck on Thursday, June 23.

The drop-off, just this past Saturday, was short one big mover guy, only 2 showed up. So The Husband had to help with moving the piano, and lugging boxes up and down the stairs. The other minor glitch—the moving truck got stuck in the mud and had to be towed. It totally screwed up our front lawn, such as it is. Even after unloading the 8500 lbs. of our belongings, the tires kept spinning and sinking into the mud. There has been a fair amount of rain up here since I was gone...

Given the horror stories I have heard from others who have hired a moving company, and even those who have moved themselves, I think we were lucky.

I also managed to sneak in a trip to beautiful Plymouth MA for a beautiful wedding. Congratulations to Christa and Rob!

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