Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bacon and eggs in January?

I recently finished reading Richard Russo's Bridge of Sighs (on the floor, center). As you can see, these "kids" are bored by this whole reading thing, but the Lester is never bored. Even at his advanced age, he still lives up to his nickname—Lester Pester. Not sure exactly where he was when I took this, but he is usually very near and whining for attention, or even better, for food.

The Chicken Girls have been doing more wandering than ever, even out close to the road yesterday (BAD girls!) and on the same day that I saw one of the chickens from down the road, dead in the road. This is a state highway, not some little-traveled country road, so keep your distance, ladies! They are still producing 6 or 7 eggs a day (GOOD girls!) even though they are supposed to slow down with fewer hours of daylight and cooler temperatures. Maybe it's because the temps aren't all that cool for these past few weeks. It is supposed to hit 70° today.

The piggies are out there sunning themselves and turning over their water bucket to make more mudholes. Earlier today I looked up one of the local slaughterhouses online—Larry's Custom Meats. I made an appointment for the big transport on January 5 (but you know I could always cancel it if I had to). I was beginning to think that I might not be able to part with these cuties, but the bigger they get, I think the easier it will be. My visit today had them pushing me around and trying to eat my shirt, pants, and shoelaces even though I had just filled up their feed bowls. It is no longer easy to stop them from whatever they want to do, and they almost knock me over every time I climb in the pen. I am pretty sure it is affectionate play, but I have no interest in sharing your mudholes...sorry guys!

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