Sunday, November 6, 2011

The old homestead, both of them, and the new one

I made a short trip back to NJ last weekend, and stayed in the house I grew up in (thanks, Little Sister!). Many changes have been made since she took the house off the market. New siding, new windows, not to mention the new roof, bathrooms, and new carpeting throughout before she went to market. (photo right)

Nobody is buying houses. Both the old homestead and my old NJ house languished for over a year on the market with no interest in either one. We are now renting—Little Sister is holding out, waiting to see if things turn around. Neither of us is happy with the state of affairs, both of us have very little respect for our former realtors.

I thought it would be strange to stay in the old homestead, but it was very comfortable. The only problem was having the dogs with me. They were constantly trying to figure out why we weren't heading back to their old homestead in Palmyra. They just wouldn't settle down. When we did go "home" to pick up some things I left in the basement, they weren't allowed to go inside. WHAT? I had to leave them in their old backyard while I packed up some stuff, and they barked at the back door the whole time.

To make up for it, we took a nice walk through the old neighborhood. Lester's first girlfriend Brandy is still hanging in there and greeted us as if we never left, but the barky Alfie is no longer of this world. At least the Cookie House still has the container of dog treats out on the street (Thanks, Jack and Emma!). After leaving their scent on every grass blade in Palmyra, L&S had a very peaceful trip back to NY.

The large photo (above) is the finally updated Google Maps aerial view of our new house. How cool is that? It was taken in June or somewhere thereabouts...

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