Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weather is still not winter

We have B&E and Rita coming back for Thanksgiving again on Wednesday, so I hope to get some more recent family photos up on the blog. Hope that you all have a wonderful and filling Thanksgiving with all of your friends and family! We are continuing our tradition (for the past several years) of Thanksgiving dinner at the Otesaga. I am either making a traditional turkey dinner on Friday, or taking everyone antiquey shopping and making a humble pizza for dinner.

In the meantime, I have gotten a lot of positive reaction to the living room photo posted earlier. I need to update the interior photos since we got all of our furniture moved up here at the end of June. It is finally starting to look like our home again.

For the moment, here is a B&W of Sophie and Willie, hanging out on the sofa in the late fall light coming through the "5-gang" windows. The light is almost too strong at certain times of day, but not yet enough that I feel the need for curtains. There's always a pet or 2 to block the sun...if you need them...

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