Friday, October 21, 2011

Ripley and the 3 yellow birches

I added a link up above so that you can take Ripley for a virtual walk. Pedigree dog food will donate money to shelters in the UK for every walk he takes. I suppose Ripley himself is not really in need of a good home, but so many dogs in shelters everywhere are being put to sleep for no reason other than that no one loves them. This reminds me to give a shout out to the Burlington County Animal Alliance in NJ, the people who rescued Sophie from the streets of Pemberton. She was a skinny wreck when we adopted her, but in her photo to the left you can see how some good lovin' has turned her around (literally!).

The 3 little birch trees in the photo show the best color we've had this fall. The photo also shows the cloudy skies that have been the norm for most of September and October. Last year the sugar maples and red maples put on a great show, but this year the birches are as good as it gets. We planted them a couple of years ago to delineate our property where it meets Charlie's. Now that Charlie has passed and his property is for sale, we are hoping that the buyer is as good to us as he was, as this part of his land comes almost right up to the side of our house.

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