Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

The Husband and I took a nice walk today to see some of the fall color, and to visit with two other New Jersey transplants that The Hub had met in the Post Office. They invited us to stop by anytime, so we did. We had a nice long chat with Steve and Elaine, and then made our way back to Lester's Flat.

I am not sure why, but the fall colors are disappointing this year. In previous years the large percentage of maples put on a great show, but this year they lost their leaves too soon. The large photo is from the beginning of our walk. I guess the girls thought they were coming along to see the colors and meet the neighbors. The second photo is from further up on Taylor Road, where Steve and Elaine have a great view of Canadarago Lake. The last photo is Lester's Flat taken from the road. You can even see the Pig Shed, the little red building on the left.

The piggies were out there enjoying the day as well—rolling in the mud hole that they created by knocking over their water bucket. Chickens were hanging out in Charlie's barn, which is where they usually go as soon as we let them loose. Let's hope they don't sell that barn to anyone who doesn't love chickens as much as we do. The girls (and Roo) simply won't understand if we tell them they can't play there anymore.

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