Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The architect(s) and the egg count

Susan, our architect, and her husband, also an architect, joined us for dinner and a tour of Lester's Flat on Saturday night. Both she and her husband seemed to be as pleased as we are with the execution of her plans for our dream house. (They thought the piggies were pretty cute too!)

I promised them some of our fall harvest, but then forgot to deliver the goods. The Husband's big garden produced an overabundance of corn, squash, and tomatoes. Neither of us can take the credit, but we also had a bumper crop of apples this year—more than we could ever possibly use even though we are only picking them from the few trees closest to the house. The temperatures are really starting to drop at night so we've got to pick as much as we can. It is truly fall, no more summer here.

And, just as I was complaining about the lower numbers of eggs, the girls upped their production. For almost a week now, we have been getting 6 eggs a day! So, get ready Susan and Ralph, the goodies are coming your way later this afternoon.

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