Sunday, September 25, 2011

Polls are closed, names are chosen

Here's a red, white and blue photo (sort of) for all who voted.

It was a tie between Lucy and Ricky, and Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry with 4 votes for each. The Husband always wanted MB and RP, so we are going ahead with those as the pig names. I will probably use a shorter version, like Shelly and Rick, or Mickey and Ricky, or even Piggies! but The Husband prefers their full names and I think they do too.

Whoever they are, they are happy in their new home. We tightened up the fence and finished up the shed today, with 2 little piggies following at our feet, chewing on my shoelaces. Several folks who have had pigs tell us the more time you spend with them, the more dog-like they become. I can see that already as they come running whenever they hear us nearby. We found out today how much they like belly rubs and laying in their water tub, also reminiscent of the dogs.

The chickens are acting like dogs as well, all 8 of them trailing along behind the Pied Piper (my whistling husband) wherever he goes. They seem to like Charlie's barn and yard better than their own, but so far they are pretty easy to call back. Egg production has slowed down—not sure if that's because the days are getting shorter, or they are too far from the nest boxes, or if they are still eating their eggs. Most likely a combination.

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