Friday, September 9, 2011

Lester's Flat survives Irene and Lee

There has been major flooding for the past 2 days in the Mohawk Valley. These photos (right) are from the normally tiny Herkimer Creek in our backyard—you know, the place where Lester does all of his best swimming. From the looks of it, he won't be swimming again for at least another week. This is also the site where we had installed the dock (remember the dock?). Good thing we gave up on that idea.

The Husband gets all the credit for choosing the house site (top photo). The goldenrod is at least 4 feet tall, and you can see the house rises above that several feet further. Where I was standing to take that photo is about halfway back to the creek. Not even a drop of water in our basement, but the creek waters rushing out back made it sound like we were going to be swept across the road and into the lake (by those foggy mountains in the background).

I can't tell yet if the trees that came down were from our property, or washed up from somewhere else. People are comparing this to the flood in 2006, which was so bad that it washed away 4 lanes of highway on Rt. 88 in Sidney, NY, swallowing up 2 tractor trailers and killing the drivers (last photo). This is the road that we would have been on, just 2 days later, coming up from NJ.

We were very lucky, in 2006 and 2011. The creek will eventually go back to being pretty again, without any help from us.

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  1. Katy,
    Your goldenrod is lovely and prolific! But, WOW you sure did get hit by the bad weather. We had our own weather troubles later, on April 27th, with the tornado storms down here. I spent my day running into the pantry to hide and pray that I didn't get picked up and land in Kansas. :)

    It was a horrible year for stormy weather for sure.

    Thanks for visiting me today ~ Lynda