Monday, September 19, 2011

Freedom for all, or is that free-for-all?

The Husband is on vacation this week, and he has declared that all our animals must be free. We let the Chicken Girls and Roo out of their little fenced yard for the first time. Other than Roo spending most of the day in the driveway (watch out for the UPS man, Roo!) it went well. The girls stayed close enough to the Chicken Shack that they were safe enough, and Roo seemed a bit less hen-pecked than normal since he was free to escape their constant harassment. He definitely stayed a good distance from the girls, but then he was used to roaming at his former home, so I think he was a bit more brave.

We went to Cooperstown yesterday with Jessica from Shanghai (she works with The Hub). We took her for a stroll around Cooperstown, a visit to the Farmers' Museum, and a late lunch at the Doubleday CafĂ©. We were gone for several hours, and when we came back, Red Piggie had somehow managed to escape the Pig Shed. I had to chase him around the fence in circles, trying to guide him to the openings. Comical perhaps, but not easy to chase a pig on a mission. He cut his cute little piggie nose bashing against the wire fence—at least he was trying to get back in. Little Mama gave him quite the scolding when he did make it back to the shed.

Inspired by Red's escape yesterday, The Hub closed up the fence more securely, and let them roam inside. You will see in the video that they are very happy in their new home, especially now that their home is so much more interesting. You might also notice that The Hub is already calling them Michele and Rick. We're still taking votes though, so keep 'em comin'.

The e-mailed suggestions so far are: Lola and Rojo, Bacon and Sausage, and Oreo and Caramel.

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