Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More flooded creek, and the purge goes on.

The large photo above was taken on September 10, two days after all the rain. The bottom photo is for comparison, the swimming hole (and my favorite spot) on a sunnier day. You can see the water was shallow enough that even the Diva (Sophie) could "swim" in it.

I've got plenty of projects to get to this week—probably the most important one is getting the pig shed ready for the piggies. We are picking them up on Saturday. The pig shed still needs to be painted, or at least primed before they get here and mess it all up.

<<<    <<<  We are taking votes to the left for what color to paint the shed. Get your votes in now, and maybe I can paint before Saturday!

Other fun projects to choose from this week: unpacking, purging, cleaning. The basement has become the home for about 30 boxes that are either holding potential yard sale goodies, or waiting for the next round of purging. The basement is also the home for all the beds, chairs, bookcases and books that simply don't fit upstairs. And the tools, extra food, dog food, cat boxes, etc. Oh, and don't forget the art supplies and leftover paint.

I really wanted to sort through everything back in NJ. I really DIDN'T want to just fill up the basement with what will probably end up in the trash, but life doesn't always work out the way you planned. The purge goes on.

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