Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pigs are here and the shed is red

Piglets arrived today. Both conveniently and cozily fit in the same dog crate that the chickens rode home in, in the back of the CR-V. We spent the rest of the day working on fixing up the shed and putting up the fencing. They don't seem to like the pellet food that we bought for them, but they were scarfing up the apples and tomatoes that we threw in there.

Since the barn red and white shed was winning in the poll, I already committed to painting it those colors. So, we are starting a new poll today: name the pigs. The black and white Oreo cookie one is the girl, red one is the boy. Our first choice is Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry (Mickey and Rick) but there are other options. You can vote on the left, just like in the Pig Shed debate, or if you have another suggestion, leave it in a comment or e-mail us.

Anyone notice the red plus black and white theme going on here? Almost red Sophie with a black and white Lester, red chickens with black and white chickens—need I go on? OK, the cats are non-conforming, but at least Willie is black and white.

More stories later. Right now I am exhausted.

1 comment:

  1. Jersey Girl9/18/11, 5:50 PM

    Maybe the black and white could be Oreo?
    Maybe the red one could be Rojo? (red in Spanish) or just call him Big Red..