Friday, September 9, 2011

Color choices for the Pig Shed

Jim in VA asked to see the color choices for painting the Pig Shed.

It is situated much closer to the house than the Chicken Shack, so it kinda makes sense to paint it the barn red color like the front door, with white trim. Plus it is, in some sense, a barn.

Or else we could just make all of our "outbuildings" the cool yellow-and-turquoise color scheme in honor of the gone-but-not-forgotten 1959 Detroiter mobile home, otherwise fondly known as The Dump.

Taking votes, folks! Look in the sidebar (left) to place your vote.


  1. Jersey Girl9/9/11, 5:22 PM

    Please keep posting Lester and Sophie pictures. We miss them so much! We have been reading your blog but I like the Lester and Sophie pictures the BEST!!!

  2. Hey, all's well and good with pics of L&S, but did you notice those pumpkins that Farmer Timmy grew?

  3. Jersey Girl9/11/11, 4:10 PM

    We go pumpkin picking in October. Maybe we should come see Farmer Timmy??

  4. Jersey Girl9/12/11, 5:00 PM

    Your uncles vote for red. I voted for them. They don't have access to the blog but still wanted to vote.