Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dave and Hey Willie and the 2-toned egg

<<<    <<<  We are taking votes to the left for what color to paint the shed. Get your votes in now, and maybe I can paint before Saturday!

The chances are slim that the shed will be completely finished before the piggies arrive on Saturday is raining and supposed to continue through the day. If tomorrow is nice enough, I can at least paint the front of it, so that I don't have to move these little monsters out of my way while painting. It is also quite chilly out there for early September, and making me wonder how the pigs and chickens are going to do this winter. We had a few days last year that were -15°. With no heat in either building, will the deep bedding be enough to keep them from freezing? Hoping that I don't have to make a temporary critter shelter in our nice finished basement. What would the dogs and cats think of that if I did?

Big pic is Dave and Willie having a moment of sweetness together—that almost never happens—but they usually do get along pretty well. Willie looks like he's saying "Hey, get out of my face with that camera! I'm trying to be nice here!" He was licking Dave's ear when I took the photo.

The second photo is of my first 2-toned egg. Never seen one of these before. I am curious to know if this is rare, or something that every chicken lover has seen before...

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  1. Jersey Girl9/16/11, 6:00 PM

    Hey Dave and Willie!
    We miss you! Hope you like the pigs! Watch out Lester and Sophie!
    Love always,
    Jersey Girl