Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's been raining dogs (no cats)

The weather has not inspired any photos in the past 2 days, so I am reaching back to July 30 for a few more "dog in creek" photos. I know how boring they are to most of you, but I am thinking that this 13YO Lester doesn't have too many summers left for swimming. You can also see how much Sophie does not love swimming. She gently treads in the shallow water, my little diva.

The Husband picked far too many tomatoes this weekend, because we are starting to lose them to groundhogs and splitting from the lack of rain/too much rain. I am still not a believer in the theory that tomatoes have all of the flavor they are going to get on the vine by the time they are half-red. So far the ones that have been ripening on the windowsill are not all that tasty. Probably it is just me, still recovering from my loss of South Jersey's fantastic tomatoes and corn.

We went to Tractor Supply yesterday for some pig feed and feeding trays (also not inspiring any photography). And we need to finish cutting 2 pieces of the T111 siding for the pig shed while we still have Steve's circular saw in our possession, but the cutting and subsequent painting will have to wait for a break in the weather. I am torn between painting the Pig Shed to match the Chicken Shack (light yellow and turquoise) or barn red and white like the front door of Lester's Flat. I'll take votes if you want to leave me some comments. Now that summer is officially over, I want to see some comments here. I need to know that someone is still reading all of these hugely interesting posts, or at least looking at the Lester-in-the-creek pictures...

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  1. I'd have to see the two buildings first to decide which color I prefer. How is the rain up there? Any flooding in your immediate area? We've had 3 solid days of rain down here and today was the heaviest. Keep up the blog, I enjoy it.
    Jim (old neighbor-now Springfield, VA)