Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Back in the pack

The 2 adversaries (or is that lovebirds?) seem to have resolved their differences for the moment. In the photos, Red Sweetie is the one with the white tail feathers, standing with Red Meanie at the back door to the coop. Roo, up on the roost, is saying "What...? What did I do?"

Sweetie insisted yesterday that she did not want to be separated anymore, even though she is still a bit gimpy. So she is out and about now with the girls and Roo, with both feet on the floor (yay!). I have some concerns that he will injure her again, but so far she seems happy to be free.

The interesting thing to me is that the other girls seem to be protecting her. After her first full day of post-injury freedom, she was able to make it back up to the roost at night, but I could barely see her as she was packed in underneath the other hens all the way in the corner, and very far from Roo. Last night I had to bring the flashlight out to make sure she was in there...she was.

Poor Roo is still literally henpecked by all of them, and now Sweetie has a renewed vengeance in her reasons for abusing him. We will keep him as long as he doesn't do any further harm. I really don't think he means to hurt any of them, but he truly is just a big, young, hormonal klutz.

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  1. Hopefully all will stay calm and uneventful for a while in your coop. Glad to her that Sweetie is doing better and it sounds like the other girls are glad to have her back too. Mr. Roo needs to take a few cold showers for a while...