Friday, October 7, 2011

Seeing the light, fleeing the coop

Still waiting for those fall colors—brown and gold seem to be the only obvious changes. It is supposed to be a glorious Columbus Day weekend, so maybe that will brighten up our landscape.

Sophie saw the light down by the creek today. I tried to get Lester down there to his own personal Fountain of Youth, but a swim in the creek is just not as much fun as stealing tomatoes. He poked his nose in the water just to appease me, then headed straight back to the vegetable garden.

After the dogs were safely back home, I went out front to lock up the girls and Roo in their pen, but they weren't having any of it. Instead, they insisted on following me back to the house to make their own tomato raid in the garden. After their first 2 freezing nights in the unheated Chicken Shack, I suspect they were planning on staying out in the sun for as long as possible today. Can't really blame them, can we?

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